Suicide By Citizenship

by Walking Bombs & Gridfailure

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Suicide By Citizenship, a fully collaborative album by New York-based solo outfits/collaborator magnets WALKING BOMBS and GRIDFAILURE, is an album conceived to challenge its own creators with the intent of combining sounds from two outfits located on polar opposite ends of the spectrum of underground music. The album blends a wealth of genres into a powerful alloy of improvised jams, rife with discontent for the contemporary state of American politics and more specifically the current administration’s actions and policies.

WALKING BOMBS is the brainchild of one Morgan Y. Evans, formerly of Divest, Antidote 8. Located in Northeastern New York in the Woodstock area, the outfit has been in existence for nearly a decade, created by Evans as a solo or collaborative outlet for his music while between full-time bands. It eventually became his main musical focus and has yielded multiple albums and an EP, including past-collabs with artists ranging from VOWWS to Shining (Nor) to Spirit Adrift members and many more. A cross-genre project which melds 90s alternative groove, folk anthems, raging antipunk, industrial and bits of everything in between, the act propagates socio-political change, advocating for free thought and equal rights. The spirit of classic Americana singer-songwriters fueled with an energetic punk pulse is centered around Evans’ penetrating, melodic vocals.

Located further down the Hudson near New York City, GRIDFAILURE is the conduit of one David Brenner, formerly of Dead By Dawn, Heidnik, Theologian, and more. Since forming in 2016, the project has released an avalanche of albums and other releases, each infusing varied instrumentation, blending dark ambient, horror score, dark hardcore, harsh noise, jazz, world music, and other elements into an unpredictable and confrontational dose of unhinged experimentation. With subject matter focusing on disillusionment and revenge amidst societal collapse and an environment in crisis, the outfit’s wrath instills paranoia and disseminates hopelessness

In 2016, Evans invited Brenner to collaborate on WALKING BOMBS’ “Demagogue” single, an outspoken punk anthem aimed at our 45th president, to which GRIDFAILURE provided a backdrop of chaos and vocals. The unlikely pairing of acts on the track quickly became something both wanted to explore further, penning ideas for a fully collaborative release. They met in late 2017 at Bohemosphere Studios in Saugerties, New York, with studio owner and Evans’ musical counterpart, Jay Andersen (Surmiser). The three tore through several improv jams and that afternoon had a solid structure of what would become Suicide By Citizenship. In addition to several subsequent sessions at Bohemoshpere over the next few months, with Brenner, Evans, and Andersen each contributing multiple instruments, additional material was recorded and manipulated by Brenner at The Compound, and a wide cast of additional collaborators sent in contributions from around the country, including Thomas Andrew Doyle (TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth), Laura Pleasants (Kylesa, The Discussion), Mike Score (All Out War, Below The Frost), Brett Netson (Built To Spill, Earth, Snakes), Elizabeth Le Fey (Globelamp), BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot), Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), and more.

WALKING BOMBS and GRIDFAILURE coalesce their own singular styles into an unclassifiable and diverse modern take on Americana on Suicide By Citizenship. Invoking the outspoken nature of folk and punk icons into a surreal socio-political album where both acts step a bit outside of their already varied approaches with eight songs that speak from the everyday sidelines of our country in turmoil. Delivering brutally honest and heartfelt anguish into a set of anthems, Suicide By Citizenship is an attempt at capturing a snapshot of these demoralizing times, and a statement of detestation to the oppressive and corrupt presidential agenda and state of reversal in which our civil rights seem to be, while environmental collapse and worldwide war at hand, from a surrealistic hometown perspective.


released April 26, 2019

WALKING BOMBS is Morgan Ywain Evans (vocals, bass, trombone, hand drums) with Jay Andersen (drums, synth, guitar)

GRIDFAILURE is David Brenner (vocals, guitar, bass, hand drums, digital drums/percussion, harmonica, electronics, field recordings, theremin)

Suicide By Citizenship was produced by Jay Andersen, Morgan Y. Evans, and David Brenner. Concept and lyrics by Morgan Y. Evans and David Brenner. Cover artwork, photography, logos, and design by David Brenner with additional photos by Morgan Evans.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jay Andersen at Bohemesphere Studios, Saugerties, NY, in several sessions between November 2017 and November 2018, with additional recording and mixing handled by David Brenner at The Compound, Valley Cottage, NY. Elizabeth Le Fey’s and Morgan Evans’ vocals for “Bare Shores Bleed” recorded by Le Fey at The Gold Cage, Kingston, NY. Laura Pleasants’ guitar and storm recordings for “Aneurhythmic” self-recorded in Savannah, GA. Tad Doyle’s contributions were self-recorded at Witch Ape Studios, Seattle, WA. Benjamin Levitt’s contributions were self-recorded at Forked Audio, Brooklyn, NY. Brett Netson's guitars on “Bare Shores Bleed” self-recorded at Tonic Room Studios, Boise, ID.

Additional contributions provided by:
Laura Pleasants (Kylesa, The Discussion) - guitar, field recordings on “Aneurhythmic”
Mike Score (All Out War) - vocals on “Bleeding Out”
Thomas Andrew Doyle (TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth) - drums, guitar, vocals on “Now We Know Who You Are”
Brett Netson (Built To Spill, Earth, Snakes) - guitar on “Bare Shores Bleed”
Elizabeth Le Fey (Globelamp) - vocals on “Bare Shores Bleed”
BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot) - drums/percussion on “Now We Know Who You Are” and “Aneurhythmic”
Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe) - accordion on “Bare Shores Bleed” and “Now We Know Who You Are”
Johnny Piper (Alternative Ulster) - bagpipe drone on “Blood Offering Distraction”
Kali Quinn and Nick Vining - additional vocals on “Now We Know Who You Are”


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Walking Bombs Woodstock, New York

Singer and music journalist Morgan Ywain Evans (and friends) genre jumping solo/collaborative project from the Hudson Valley, NY. Stay calm and don't explode.

"The band name is about discussing mental illness and culture divides. A kind of fuck you to hate and also a rebuke to people who have called me a loose cannon.” - MYE.
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Track Name: Armchair Expert
So ends a fair day in wrath
Craven image of a psychopath
A ditch full of abandoned minds
Victim blaming pantomime of tired tropes paraded past the eyes
of basement dwelling last years jokes now run amok
Think you're an armchair expert but you're just dumb as fuck
Track Name: Blood Offering Distraction
Liberty but at the expense of the marginalized
Your so called patriotic bleating is a shallow attempt
to erase the pain of tears they cried and lost lives
Your patriotism is a yoke not some divine right like you claim
Survival of the fittest but you're so ugly and rationalize
so much pain

And I stumbled on the scene and ran like seven seas pushing
through the eye of the needle to grasp the riches they'd been promising me
Yeah, get me to the good parts so we can see heaven before we die
The fine art of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps for a tiresome lie

The announcer is raving but I still don't care
cuz I can't forget bread and circuses get us nowhere
The ones he describes running by chasing fleeting fame but I
don't think distraction really helps our self - esteem
Track Name: Bare Shores Bleed
Legions of deniers
Blind to the atrocities
They fuel these pyres
Unhinged barbarity
From this occurrence
There appears no recourse
Humanity’s blind ignorance
The lead renewable resource

Rampant pollution
And deforestation
Stripping away every resources
All places in all nations
Proven not a myth
A crisis untold
We shall all bear witness
As this calamity unfolds

Parched mouths widen in need
While the masses overfeed
As all tides recede
You see these bare shores bleed

This is not a test
The world you loved as a child is waiting, calling, aching for respect
Track Name: Supply And Demand Of The American Soul
I can't stand it all of the bloodshed, such a regression into the past
I can't stand it, the factory death all of the hatred that never left
I can't stand it supply and demand it. All of the ways you cover your ass
I can't stand it
Track Name: Now We Know Who You Are
Once you were anonymous, remained in the shadows
Preached your message from a distance, eluded us this far
Now you come parading, your message loud and clear
And now your cover’s blown, we know who you are

Wore your colors boldly, preaching despicable disease
Stampeding through a town to which you’ve traveled from afar
You marched in expecting to be met with no hostility
But you fucked up and now we know you are

Packing rifles instead of morals, hatespeech versus brains
Stomped innocent protesters, even killed that woman with your fucking car
You thought you got away after leaving your trail of turmoil
Too fucking dumb to think about cameras; now we know who you are

Your face is on the news, we despise you for your inverted views
You only caused a scratch where you thought you left us scarred
You are not getting through, we’ll fight you to the fucking end
And never ever forget, now we know who you are
Track Name: Suicide By Citizenship
All sense of conscience null
With disbelief we’re in his thrall
Society devolving with every fucking decision
Condolences to us all
How can you be blind to this?
Though surreal this threat exists
No threat is bigger than his finger on the trigger

Suicide by citizenship
You say you want a part of it
But we know how the story goes

An absolute embarrassment
Enforcement for his appeasement
This is a path we’ve explored through two world wars
Please let me know where our morals went

Suicide by citizenship
You say you want a part of it
But we know how the story goes

Interdiction is necessary
Provoking the adversary
Offensive rampages unable to be caged
Worldwide crematory
Track Name: Aneurhythmic
Snake hands in the year of your lord
Addiction by degrees and the way of the sword
Our daily ritual suicide continues

False information, clever clever
Sever the base, return to sender
Retreat into mundane servitude or into your brain
A narcotic haze

Take comfort here
They can't destroy you
Even when they try to shame your body and mind
Your soul is made of light
Even when they try to sink your spirited ship down, down, down
And you stand your ground the same as you always have
It's alright
They can't really win
Not in the Universal Truth of things
They'll always be cowardly men.
And there's no shame in finding your way
Track Name: Bleeding Out
I've been bleeding out all your deceptions
Fall back into the earth with your convictions
When sharks attack we chum
Hoping more of those fuckers come
Lonely at the bottom
Refused and forgotten
A thin skinned predator can't take the dirt dished back
Lonely at the bottom
Refused and forgotten
Rotting from the bottom
Condemned forsaken

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