Sphinges, Sibling Selves and Queens

by Walking Bombs

Northern Shoveler, did we tell you about our lavender helipad for things that make us glad? Define what constitutes abnormal when we're spinning through space. Lay peaceful planets to waste. Anti socialite pissing contest. But I'm Pisces Rising. Overstimulated, but we'll make the most of it. Always inspired, trust the process, baby. It's a trip, boy. Not a tripwire. Mystic, what you saying? They're straining to hear from within their bubble, why we've been gearing up for war? Ever more dramatic dissatisfaction. C'mon. Pisces Rising. The ways they've seen you change. The days the nights the days.
Woah. The alchemy of higher learning, a process of discerning when to open the door to change into who you've always been and what you've been waiting for. The self-care of lead into gold and untold days spent praying behind your eyes. A calm demeanor. Don't let anxiety reach the exterior coat. Don't waver holding out the note. Just go about your day, pretend their isn't more to you than this. A raging river of creation inside waiting to burst forth to remind you that you are alive. So don't believe the lies, don't believe the hype that says you can't change into the person you have always been, who you'll always be. A new familiar friend. A new familiar friend.
He sells it, he sells it to your mind. This potion, focused in denial to cure what ails you inside. He sells it hoping you will buy. He knows you're vulnerable if he sets the right price just a little too high.
I can see it's turning inside out from the lonely middle. Eyes glassy a symptom of a terrible cold. From below a red haze set to coat the throat. We are cut by moonlight/We are cut by life. We are cut by moonlight/We are day to night. Behind me a road of hypnosis and needles, prayers and tears. To boil into tea sipping evils sighing at those lessons from those years of fear. We are cut by moonlight/We are cut by life. We are cut by moonlight/We are shot on sight. And they'll ask, and they'll ask...when the bottom dropped out where were you? Did you know? We're writhing with brand new wings on silver silent anecdotal strings. Attached to problems felt beneath where they came from to glimpse the strangest things...revisionist history cut by life. Promise me we'll do this right. We are cut by moonlight/we are cut by life. We are cut by moonlight/we are day to night. A red haze to coat the throat and coast all the way home...to love.
Moon child star angel dream, little bird hold the world in your beak. Not always careful when you speak but your heart it beats gold, I can see brightly through my veil of shadows. No longer in retreat and we sing. Kitchen conversation, lend me your ear. Roxette or Stevie, what is the year? maybe we need entertainment but we provide it ourselves. Thank you and you're welcome, my dear. Love you. We're more than appearances. Let them stay pressed and so irrelevant. People with a partial picture draw the worst conclusions. Thank you and you're welcome my dear. God and science only knows whatever they said wasn't true. Problem child, the problem isn't always you. it's hypocritical people in a theater of pain. No longer in retreat, and we sing. Demon light came to life in a fire held in the palm of the elder on high. The light in all of us must not die defined by hate. Let's reclaim consciousness from the callous and let go for goodness sake. The simple hearted want to condemn from glass house realms but I hear a distant howling calling me to run free. You can feel free to run free. (She's here to do the devil's work/and that's all she's here for) Is every riddle meant to be solved? Or do we still need some mystery after all?
Miracle Drug 03:48
Put at risk just to exist (as they choke on the smog of ignorant bliss) Put at risk just to exist (merciless, push you into the pit) Let's Go! By pen or sword we go fuckin' hard. Admit no defeat, get hatred off the streets. No divine hammer, just pre existing conditional employment or death. We need harm reduction, conceptual introduction to heal and rest. See the same faces on the way down you stepped on on the way up. You tried to hold onto the crown but your greasy fingers slipped...fucker! By pen or sword we go fuckin' hard. Admit no defeat. Get hatred off the streets. See the same faces on the way down you stepped on on the way up. You tried to hold onto the crown but your greasy fingers slipped...mother fucker! Black cloud ribbon gift of depression keeps on giving them pause. What do you want? A miracle drug? We got it goin' on. We never stop. Now you're having the time of your life being torn apart. Revenge, a full contact sport. Don't open your mouth and pretend to be some kind of authority when we'll see you in Hell soon. Is forgiveness more than a concept or will this carpet be stained red? See the same faces on the way down you stepped on on the way up. You tried to hold onto the crown but your greasy fingers slipped...fucker! No divine hammer. Just pre-existing conditional employment or death.
So called Christians make excuses for small town football stars in the spotlight for sodomizing a dozen teammates with flashlights in initiation rites. Meanwhile sucker jesus freak bigots won't let trans people protect their lives. I guess they'd rather die, world view built on lies. Can you tell me what it means to be proud to live under a flag that's crushed so many dreams/betrayed so many dead? Can you spell disestablishmentarianism? Can you use your fucking head? You think a "more perfect union" is an abusive white man and a battered woman.
Each day I fall back, a day in my life. Gonna look into what I need to breathe to live my life right. Don't look at me with contempt, you're beholden to the plain state. We all have a canvas on which we can paint or live in pain or live in shame. The weather will change...the weather will change, change, change.
FTTP:// 02:18
What's good? You didn't mean to achieve notoriety. I said they're gonna try to catch their own truth in the high beams. Soul sucking insecure sirens and flashlights held up to the side. Questions in favor of eating innocence alive. Fuck The Tone Police! ooh, thought they were supposed to care about content over delivery?! Fuck The Tone Police! Hey, it's so obvious something's wrong, so why do you keep changing the subject? Insist we all gotta get along, get along now. This is not an experiment in perfect decorum. it's a place where we really need a forum. I warned 'em.
Body Lights 04:00
We know each other's joy and pain. We'll raise the hulls of sinking ships to send a volley of life into the belly of the beast. A pulse that won't forgive out of place. I'll sew a seed to shake the weak foundations of exalted thieves. And our voices count for more. Our voices count for more and we shall cry out annunciation for a cause that lifts the blood. Our voices count for more and we will cry out illumination past the boiling point and back to trust. Who do you trust? Do our voices count for more? I'm not saying to always tow the party line but sometimes you've got to pick your fucking battles. Seize the ship and sail left, don't divide in the worst moment, cuz we just can't endure this. But please don't forget...don't ever tell me identity isn't important. And our voices count for more. Our voices count for more and we shall cry out annunciation for a cause that lifts the blood. Our voices count for more and we will cry out illumination past the boiling point and back to trust. Who do you trust? Do you just obey your master? Can the ending get here any god damn faster? Do our voices count for more? It's not a game, your not to blame and it's all the same but she's my well traveled road. Chaos agents were sent on bad faith crusades to undermine our chance of having a chance. I'm here to say it's not ok, that doesn't mean I can't see the forest for the trees. It's not a game. You're not the only news vendor. So give me back my life. You're not the only truth and we can outnumber you. Soothsayer. You're not the only truth, but I'm the absolute. (It's not a game, you're not insane and you're my well traveled road). And our voices count for more.
Observation Deck: And I wanna just say, I wanna say how I love you all (please know that now)/ but I wish you'd see me for how I am and how I feel (how I feel). Anyway, everyday learn to let it be...cuz it's all me. Or sometimes they. Or sometimes we. Beneath the street the beach. They want you to give more, more than you could ever believe just to make a man out've me. And I want to be noticed for more than just what they see but they're here to make a man out've me. Crowd. And I wanna just say, just let me say how I love you all (I love you)/but I needed to see, need you to see me for how I feel. Anyway, everyday learn to let it be (cuz it's all me). They want you to give more, more than you could ever believe just to make a man out've me (ooh)/and I want to be noticed (to be me) for more than just what they see, but they're here to make a man out of me. They want you to give more, more than you could ever receive just to make a man out've me. And they want you to be sure to help them all to deceive just to make a man out've me. SSS+Q: I can love things about myself but still feel incomplete. I can be non-binary without having to meet anyone else's expectations. Everything is my decision. Still not a trend to me. Whatever you may see. The change resides in me. Fluidly. Any genre any dream sphinges, sibling selves and queens. A rollercoaster for each moment mood or picture frame. Please love me the same. Please love me the same. A room where she lives by candlelight you see, lives inside of me. She's inside of me. Cocktails, blue pills or weed or just silence by the sea. To walk that middle course when you have PTSD. Moody as moods can be so what is right for me? A complex tapestry craves authenticity. Pictures of family. Protestant upbringing. Finding the strength to be the multi-gender me. Liberal sprinkling of pagan anarchy. Add capitalism , you get so much self-loathing. But I'm not performing grief performatively. Nothing to prove and so I fucking sing to my heart's content. No matter what they see...
Well I know it isn't easy, but you're gonna have to take control. These maladaze they make us all uneasy, don't you know...? Try my best but I'm just human. Don't demand perfection though when I'm already showing you my pain against my better judgement. But you just don't care, too busy forcing yourself down my throat. The limitations on a world that you're afraid to know. Can you know me as this person or just heap on more bad luck? "The latest craze, just a trend," you say...but I don't give a fuck. And I know it isn't easy but you're gonna have to take control. These maladies become all consuming, don't you know...? And I know it isn't easy but you better never give up your soul. The pass of noose, a cloud of skulls, a fever dream, a call on hold. Put it all on hold. And I know it isn't easy. Now you "see" me, now you don't. Pick up the pieces of the past. It's time to fashion a new coat. Not so easy. I'll find a way to live my truth. These maladays the fools they get so queasy at the thought of you. And it isn't easy but on and on and on they go. They use the names we gave away as dead as dead sea scrolls. Do you believe in Jesus? Then why is hatred all you know? These maladaptive clouds so gray, on a basis need to know. And I know it isn't easy but believe them when they show you who they are but below or above...they COULDN'T BEAT ME AT REAL LOVE. And you know I love you baby and I still love myself so it's not a game but I am here to say I'm playing it my own way though. These maladaze, it makes them all uneasy. Oh No. So I'm gonna have to take control. So here I go. It's my life. I'm gonna take control.


Sphinges, Sibling Selves and Queens is an album about the riddle of identity in the modern world, the fight for authenticity and the horrors of an empathy free online culture, society and planet. It is about self exploration as liberation, being multi gender and about defeating partial pictures that lead to often willfully badly drawn conclusions.

"This album means a lot to me and is very personal," says Morgan Y. Evans aka Walking Bombs. "Not only do I have longtime guests like Dava She Wolf, Nate Kelley, Jay Andersen and Alison Babalon on it who I have known decades, but other amazing people as well. Kentro is my cousin, Globelamp is my partner and the other guests are all more recent friends from different areas of my life whom I am thrilled participated. I was really able to purge a lot of compartmentalized stuff about navigating feeling comfortable being non binary and the perception of others. Julie Catona, my good friend, captured this so incredibly in her nuanced and evocative cover artwork."

"The whole record is about the importance of a sort of cosmic social justice or at least the need for self-respect as well as topics like cultural bias, hostility, finding silver linings even when conquering bullying and putting your best foot forward in the face of being judged for who you are not," Evans continues. "This one is pretty fun and has a range of influences. Everything from Fear Factory to Skinny Puppy influences to Olympia K Records and folk grunge influenced acoustic to grindcore and electronic music to post hardcore, stoner rock and melodic punk make an appearance. And of course a little trombone as well."

'There’s an incredibly poignant sense that pops up multiple times in the lyrics in various incarnations centering on an expression featured closer to the beginning, when Morgan sings with strikingly smooth heavy vocals about an aim “to remind you that you’re alive.” You might not have even known you needed such a reminder before hitting play here, but the refreshing, cohesive, and ultimately quite powerful musical weirdness on the album drives the reminder. Lyrically, the album packs a range from embracing nonbinary gender identity to anger at those tone policing or outright perpetrating violence against those who dare to stick out — and it all lands powerfully.' - CapturedHowls.com


released August 23, 2019

Catalog ID: NEF-56

Cover art by Julie Catona (Future Illustrations).

Recorded late 2018 - early summer 2019 at Bohemesphere Studios in Saugerties, NY.
"Fall Back" vocals recorded in 2015 by Sean Paul Pillsworth at Leaning Tree Studio.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jay Andersen (Operation Audio).

Morgan Ywain Evans: vocals, bass (except where noted); acoustic guitar on "FTTP://" and "Maladaze"; trombone on "New Familiar Friend”.

Jay Andersen (Surmiser): guitars (except where noted); drums on "Pisces Rising Shine", "New Familiar Friend", and "Maladaze"; keyboards on "Cut By Moonlight".

Dava She Wolf (Star & Dagger, Cycle Sluts From Hell): guitars on "Pisces Rising Shine".

Alison Babalon (The Beautiful Bastards, Oblivion Grin): bass on "Maladaze"; backing vocals on "Body Lights".

Dave Brenner (Gridfailure): sound manipulation and vocal looping on "A Little Too High"; all music on "A Distant Howling".

Elizabeth “Le Fey" Gomez (Globelamp): backing vocals on "FTTP://".

Jem Violet: violins on "Maladaze".

Nate Kelley (Shabutie, Laterals, PPSP): drums, bass, and guitar on "Observation Deck/Sphinges, Sibling Selves And Queens"; drums on "Body Lights" and "Cut By Moonlight".

Kentro: all music on "Fallback".

Justin Pierrot (Stormland): all music on "Miracle Drug".

This album is dedicated to Chuck Mosley, Bobby Delicious, Morgan Spinedi, and Matt Robb (RIP to them all).

℗ & © 2019 Nefarious Industries.


all rights reserved



Walking Bombs Woodstock, New York

Singer and music journalist Morgan Ywain Evans (and friends) genre jumping solo/collaborative project from the Hudson Valley, NY. Stay calm and don't explode.

"The band name is about discussing mental illness and culture divides. A kind of fuck you to hate and also a rebuke to people who have called me a loose cannon.” - MYE.
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