Tears We Should Have Shed

by Walking Bombs

Brash Bandages Why do the things we love have to hurt us? Why does that go for life itself? What's it say about my general interests? Brash Bandages we suffer for choices that seemed so top shelf. Tell me what to do now, mercy me oh how to stay alive? Have I just been shit talkin' through my sleepwalkin"? Have I just been dreamin' this whole time? Cuz if it's not one thing it's another/saw the big picture and ran for cover/but there aint nowhere you can really hide/when they're out to make you lose your go damn mind. It's said that we are not incurable/these lessons just need extra faith. No more assembly line, I craved a sacred space. Don't let the world just leave me in a frightened state, Tell me what to do now. How to transcend pain and save my life. No more harmful immolation laughing at these frustrations. Have I just been trippin' this whole time? How can we make it back? Cuz if it's not one thing it's another, you motherfucker.
GeneralGrievousAngel I've been figuring out the ways of forgiveness. I've been wondering which roads lead back to myself/ and if it's all so bright and shiny why do I deserve to try and try until I lose my health, Lord? See I know it really means something to you that i don't suppose it's just a foregone conclusion/but if I'm in charge of my fate and opportunity will be knocking then why am I still casting out lines? Throw me a line. Be my angel.
God Bless Dorothy Comingore I hate how they did you so dirty. Framed you, slut shamed you. Institutionalized you for daring to care about unions and desegregation. Tell me, how is that UnAmerican? You walked into that joke of a courtroom/told them they were playing pocket pool/drooling to destroy the lives of good people in the crosshairs... of a Red Scare. You were a goddess of the silver screen. You were Susan Alexander Kane. And sadly just like her you turned to drink and I don't think it's right what they did to your dreams. You walked into that joke of a courtroom/told them they were playing pocket pool/drooling to destroy the lives of good people in the crosshairs... of a Red Scare. I wept when I heard your story/how the weight of this world broke your back. How you shaved your head in shame when your ex read out the names of your friends they say hated the USA/ but you were so damn strong, Dorothy. So they took all that they could take.
Tears We Should Have Shed I don't want to get used to it, the walls closing in. They say it's just part of the business/inevitable, kid. Doo doo doo, that's the problem with claustrophobia. It sneaks up until you just can't reach out. Doo doo doo that's the problem (x3) with claustrophobia. I don't wanna hear that this room is all that I deserve. I'm humble but still I know my damn worth. Doo doo doo that's the problem and no one gives a fuck. Once they all, they get theirs- they pull the ladder up. Doo doo doo that's the problem (x3) with claustrophobia. I don't wanna get used to it, how people start to drift. They say it's just part of time passing, a change in the mix. There are so many tears we, tears we should have shed. It's over, it's too late. Go back to bed.
Pane Of Remorse Should only thinnest breath remain would I stay face pressed against a cold uncaring window pane? Vision obscured by condescending and regretful days, can we remain sane? Will condemnation go away? I'm contemplating condensation and I'm so ashamed but this damnation doesn't ever match your pain. Match your pain.
Restorative Justice League There's blood in the water. (Sorry if I ever hurt you/if I ever did you wrong. Let's find a way to rebuild trust/find a way to reduce harm) With zero respect can we ever make progress? Voices raised in perpetual conflict. Notice how we never change but it's the only constant. Blood in the water. With zero respect can we ever make progress? Boundaries crossed/you're more than an object. So called allies avoid stress at any cost and spiritually bypass what we need to address. Blood in the water. Shove down your emotions to survive at the market. Still looking for a light (that never dies) Still looking for a light (that never, never) Still looking for a light (that never dies) Still looking for a light that never goes out.
Focus Shifting The Apocalypse I'll never join your cult. I'll never join your cult. Why do you always change the subject? Cash crop circles under clouded eyes. Blood pressure washing it all down with a side of lies. Bootlicking to the oldies. Carelessly sing along, hoping for herd immunity. No consensus reality despite the clear need to tax the rich. You'd rather focus shift the apocalypse. Your cult of falsehoods can suck my fucking dick. Why do you always change the subject? Why do you always change the subject? You always change course to avoid certain topics. Evade the obvious with Olympic fucking backflips. Defensive deflection/the worst form of argument. Whataboutism, the rot of a nation. Deadly disinformation. Stupidity, hatred and volcanic insecuity. Turns to a war on emotion, so who is really weak? Mass extermination/false idol worship and boiling oceans. Why do you always change the subject?
I Will Miss You She asked me to write down my dreams but they're all full of missing persons. So are they there? Have I glimpsed a place of rest or am I holding on to attachment? Bombs bursting in air. Call and I will hear. Call and I will call. The future past or bright and gray/ Well, I will miss you (I will miss you) Goodbye until we part again someday/I will miss you (I will miss you) It really hurts now. It hurts. Yes, I know. I just wanted a brighter future. Do you know what I mean? And I remember when the smallest things became the biggest scenes. So many fucking headaches we had the courage to defy. I'll miss the good and the bad times which nobody can deny. Which nobody can deny.
Time To Go (Fuck Q) You're so afraid of a Deep State you're goin' on speed dates with hate groups. Crashing down, the wheel turns and we are buried. How can we keep our sanity? A rule of three/a silent home, so long humanity. A rule of three/a silent home, fuck you Sean Hannity. Sick karma, deadly intentions, class war, big pharma. Flat Earther birthers versus intersections in pain. Let me be the death knell to your false equivalency. You're so afraid of a Deep State you're goin' on speed dates with hate groups. How can we find a way if the way out is through with us? I'm done talkin' to you! Choking as the world burns and we're in no hurry. How can we keep up pleasantries? A coral reef, neglected home/but we aren't worried. We hit the snooze alarm again in a bed of bones. Sick karma, deadly inventions, race wars, Big pharma. Is this the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius? You're so afraid of a Deep State you're goin' on speed dates with hate groups. How can we find a way/a way back to golden leaves and a sense of purpose? I just want something healthy, a healthy mental glow. I'm over betrayals and proof of purchase. Am I just burning up in hopes of saving pleasures we could know? (We could know) Am I just burning as this world finds a way to let us all know it's already time to go? (FUCK Q!)


Walking Bombs returns with 'Tears We Should Have Shed', a musical study in navigating regretful occurrences in humanity. It is a record steeped in sorrows, triumphs and varied styles.

"I’ve always enjoyed bands like Orange 9mm, Faith No More or Swans where even though you knew it was them you might be surprised song to song or album to album by some big stylistic twists and turns," says Morgan Y. Evans. "My own work in bands since 1993 has also reflected that often. This Walking Bombs album explores a lot of punk and hardcore and kind of Type O influences more than some of my other releases with this project that were more grunge or post punk heavy. There’s also a little bit of classic rock influence sprinkled here and there. But it all compliments the general themes of regret for human folly."

Songs like "Brash Bandages" and "GeneralGrievousAngel" deal with self-reflection and sobriety, whereas elsewhere the harsh noise landscape of "Focus Shifting The Apocalypse" or the pop-punk meets Jawbreaker influenced "Time To Go (Fuck Q)" examine the frenzied, cult-like impact of disinformation on a gullible society. The gothy title track and Bad Religion influenced "I Will Miss You" look at the highs and lows of the life of an underground lifer musician. Other moments include examinations of Red Scare and modern sexism, healing, gaslighting or trauma.

Evans continues ,"It’s not so much a record about trying styles and “seeing what sticks” cuz fuck what other people think. I can’t live my life by that unhealthy metric. It's very important to not take the ability to release a range of music while alive for granted. I almost went into a diabetic coma last year and also have a year of sobriety again. Covid and a lot of intense events of 2020 really made me restless to channel some love and pain. If feels like a triumph that we safely made a record last year."

"It meant a lot to me to have everyone involved who played a role, but especially to finally make a full length album deep in the woods at Nada Recording Studio with my dear friend Sean Paul Pillsworth after several decades in the scene together," Evans reflects.

“The album is indeed all over the place, with everything from anthemic punk ragers to folky ballads to brooding goth to noisy industrial and more. It combines things that you very rarely hear on the same LP, and Morgan does it with so much conviction that nothing ever feels out of place. It's a genuinely cool, inventive approach to album-making, and you can hear it for yourself below.” - Brooklyn Vegan

"Walking Bombs impress me, not only for their musical diversity and creativity but also their ability to effortlessly alternate between the personal and political…" - The Sleeping Shaman www.thesleepingshaman.com/reviews/walking-bombs-tears-we-should-have-shed/

"The project comes from the mind of multi-instrumentalist and shit-stirrer Morgan Y. Evans who has built a career of shattering musical conventions and turning expectations upside-down." - Ghost Cult


released April 23, 2021

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sean Paul Pillsworth at Nada Recording Studio, Montgomery, NY throughout 2020.

All songs by Walking Bombs. Cover art by Morgan Y. Evans.
Promo photo by Globelamp.

Morgan Y. Evans - Main vocals on all, acoustic guitar on 1, 4. Trombone on 3, 7. Bass on 1, 4. Guitar on 2, 3, 4, 8. Piano on 4, 5, 6, 9.

Elizabeth 'Le Fey' DaPena (Globelamp) - Co-vocals on 2, 4, 9. Piano on 2.

Sean Paul Pillsworth (Nightmares For A Week, Jerk Magnet) - Drums on 1, 4. Bass on 3, 5, 6, 8, 9. Guitar on 1,3, 8, 9. Back up vox on 8.

David Brenner (Gridfailure)- Blackened guitar, harsh noise and drums on 7.

David Bodie (ex-Time Of Orchids, Divest, Kayo Dot) - Drums on 3, 8.

Taraka Larson (Taraka, ex-Prince Rama) - Co-Vocals and Piano on 1.

Jack Manley (The Jenifer Shop) - Guitar on 5, 6. Back up vox on 6.

Justin Zipperle (Shadow Witch) - Drums on 5, 6, 9.

Special thanks to John Naclerio, Nico Minoru and Jah.


all rights reserved



Walking Bombs Woodstock, New York

Singer and music journalist Morgan Ywain Evans (and friends) genre jumping solo/collaborative project from the Hudson Valley, NY. Stay calm and don't explode.

"The band name is about discussing mental illness and culture divides. A kind of fuck you to hate and also a rebuke to people who have called me a loose cannon.” - MYE.
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